Timeline & Enrollment

This solar system was installed as part of the 2016 Solarize Houston program. The participant saved over 15% on the price of his system through Solarize Houston. Combined with the 30% investment tax credit, this family knocked 45% off the price and now receive free, clean energy!

Solarize Houston and Beyond Timeline

HREG has partnered with Solar United Neighbors of Texas. Together, we will be rolling out neighborhood Solar Co-ops. Joining a Solar Co-op is the similar to enrolling. In the drop-down tab for Solarize Houston and Beyond, choose the co-op closest to you and click on “Join the Co-op.”

If there is not a Solar Co-op near you, enroll below and we will keep you informed of when a Co-op is launched in your area

2018 Solarize Houston is closed, with 19 participants contracting for 202 kW of new solar capacity, saving 18-20%.
2017 Solarize Houston participants contracted 21 projects for 207 kW of new solar capacity, saving 18-20%.

2016 Solarize Houston participants contracted 13 projects for 109 kW of new solar capacity, saving 18-20%.

If the below form does not load properly, click this link to enroll.