Purchase Finalization


As noted throughout the Solarize Houston program, there is no obligation (other than to learn about energy usage and solar systems) on any enrollee until the enrollee enters into a contract for the installation of a solar system with the selected solar installer.

Each enrollee in good standing in the Solarize Houston program will be notified by Solarize Houston of the installer selected by the RFP Review Team. The enrollee will then be contacted by the selected installer which will schedule a site visit with the enrollee and work with the enrollee to design the enrollee’s system, including an on-site evaluation of the roof, shading and energy production optimization. The enrollee and installer shall negotiate the terms of the installment arrangements and enter into a contract for the enrollee to buy the system.

Until they sign the contract with the installer, enrollees will be under no obligation to buy the system. The selected installer shall be obligated to offer the terms to the enrollee agreed upon with the RFP Review Team in connection with the installer’s selection, subject to such terms, include the payment terms and completion with the deadlines for finalization of the installment contract and the installation.

None of Solarize Houston or any of its volunteers will be a party to any installation contract or other obligated to any enrollee or any installer for any matter in connection with this program. Enrollees and installer, by their participation in the program waive any liability of Solarize Houston and its volunteers.