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Pathways to Clean Energy Internship Program

Through our structured internship matching program — developed in close alignment with City of Houston (CoH) and Office of Sustainability and Houston Climate Action Plan (H-CAP) goals — our objective is to link underrepresented Houston youth with meaningful renewable energy internships.

The end goal is to help underrepresented Houston youth find in the renewable energy sector, mentorships and careers full of learning and growth. This will ensure not only economic prosperity, but also ensure diverse Houston youth have a central voice in the renewable energy transition — a transition that will increase environmental equity and counter climate change.

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Salient Features

  1. Paid part-time/full-time internships, paying a minimum of $15/hour, in sustainability-focused job opportunities.
  2. Targeting Houston’s underrepresented communities that are interested in pursuing careers in clean energy.
  3. Structured matching and mentoring by HREG.

Program Structure

  1. HREG works with CoH and community organizations to target program to underrepresented Houstonians, setting up website and social media to advertise the program.
  2. Partner Employers (PEs) share internship job descriptions with HREG. HREG can assist PEs in defining internship job descriptions.
  3. HREG works with community organizations, schools, etc. to share internship job descriptions with candidates and gets them to apply.
  4. Candidates submits initial applications with résumés and cover letters.
  5. Initial screening interview is conducted by HREG.
  6. Second screening is held with HREG and its board committee members.
  7. HREG sends the PEs two/three top candidates for each role.
  8. PEs conducts interviews with selected candidates and makes offers to final selections.
  9. HREG conducts mentoring and goal check-ins every two weeks.
  10. HREG conducts exit interviews at the end of internship.

Program Benefits to Partner Employers

  1. Interns accomplish projects/tasks important to PEs’ business goals.
  2. The only cost to participating PEs is the intern’s hourly rate.
  3. HREG conducts majority of the screening and interviewing process.
  4. Foster local talent and strengthen your connections to the community.
  5. Develop a more equitable recruitment process.
  6. HREG conducts mentoring and goal check-ins every two weeks to ensure expectations are met, empowering PEs with a framework to participate in ongoing mentorship development.
  7. Support a more resilient green jobs ecosystem.