Sunpro Solar was the selected Installer for the 2017 Solarize Houston program through its Request for Proposal process.  Here is the 2017 Request for Proposal (”RFP“) and the associated RFP Pricing Form.

The RFP requests that solar installers provide an outline of their experience in installing residential solar systems, including experience in the Houston area.  Solar Installers will offer Solarize Houston enrollees a basic system design, including the specifications of equipment, warranties and pricing shown on a declining scale with increased volumes. In addition to the pricing and configuration of the basic system, the RFP will request the solar installer provide firm pricing for various scenarios including steeper roofs, home owner Association consents, various system sizes and inverter configurations.

The RFP responses will be evaluated by the Purchasing Committee, a group of enrollees in the Solarize Houston program.  It’s possible that responding installers may be asked to provide further information and be interviewed by the Purchasing Committee. Each responding installer will be notified by Solarize Houston of its determination regarding its response.

If you are a solar installer who would like to receive a copy of the RFP please notify us at  

*HREG officers are not involved in choosing the final Solarize Houston installer