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These renewable energy organizations enable companies and research institutions to make big strides on the technology and policy fronts, and it is a good departure point for learning more about commercialization opportunities. They all share the common objective of making the U.S. relevant and competitive in the global marketplace.


American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE)
American Solar Energy Association (ASES)
Combined Heat & Power Association
Database of state incentives for renewable energy & energy efficiency (DSIRE)
European Renewable Energy Council
Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Energy Association

Geothermal Energy Association
National Algae Association
National Hydropower Association
National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL)
Ocean Renewable Energy Coalition
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
World Bioenergy Association


The City of Houston’s Green Building Resource Center is an excellent resource for learning about the latest in energy efficient solutions. Group tours are available by appointment. For more information, click here. Plus, check out this Green Building Resource Center Interview.


At the state level, the USDA Rural Development Office’s grant and loan program assists Texas farmers, ranchers, rural small businesses, and electric utilities acquire renewable energy systems in areas with a population of 50,000 inhabitants or less. Grants are awarded on a competitive basis and fund up to 25% of total eligible project costs. Grants are limited to $500,000 for renewable energy systems and $250,000 for energy efficiency improvements. Guaranteed loans, however, fund up to 75% of the total eligible project costs. Loans are limited to $25,000,000 for renewable energy systems and/or energy efficiency improvements. For more information and application deadlines, please click here.


Nationally, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Loan Program Office (LPO) has re-activated its low interest loan program (ref. 2005 Energy Policy Act, Section 1703) of which $4 Billion USD are available for renewable energy intitatives. The loans are available for commercial projects, which must meet four (4) criteria for eligibility. To learn more about the loan application process, click here.


Globally, there are many wonderful examples emerging, which show the transition to sustainable, resilient communities and environments. Sustainia100 is a guide to the world’s leading sustainability projects and technologies being deployed across various sectors. Click here to check out entries for the Sustainia100 2013 guide. For students seeking information on sustainability degree programs and market trends, we encourage you to check out the Sustainability Degrees website.


For business startups in search of angel investors, the following resources are for you.







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