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These are past presentations given at HREG Quarterly meetings. Only those released with permission are listed.



The Renewable Energy Solution

A basic overview of renewable energy technologies, including solar, wind, hydroelectric, biomass, and geothermal. (3.1 MB)





Alternative Energy Sources for the 21st Century

A comparison of the various energy sources – both renewable and non-renewable – that could replace fossil fuels in a clean-energy future. (0.4 MB)





Cultivate Green

An in-depth look at an affordable, energy-efficient home utilizing solar and wind power and solar hot water. (0.8 MB)




Is Houston Solar Ready?

A review of solar energy implementation in the city of Houston. This document was produced in collaboration with the USGBC Gulf Coast Chapter and HREG members. Release date: March 2013 -Download pdf here.




Can Wind Be Incorporated in Building Design?

A fascinating topic with regards to using wind energy technologies for on-site power generation in building design. Release date: July 2013 – Download pdf here.






Renewable Energy’s Role in Water Conservation

The on-going dilemma with Texas’ water consumption, the drought and climate change points to renewable energy and water conservation as solutions. Release date: October 2013 – Learn the facts here.



Smart Grids & Smart Meters

Cities across the nation, including Houston, are becoming more efficient with smart technologies. What does this mean to the consumer? To properties with renewable energy systems? What are the implied costs and/or savings? Release date: January 2014 – Learn the facts here





Biomass Energy from Algae

The next gold rush is green! It is very much underfoot and making its way into biofuels, nutriceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and cosmeceuticals. Learn about the entire production process, from incubation to oil for aviation and Omega 3′s for food and skincare products and how to start your own facility here.




Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

A case study on how to reduce one’s carbon footprint by a commercial pilot’s personal account. The savings are great and the value proposition to our planet even greater. Find out how our speaker did it here.






The Real Waste-to-Energy Deal

A concise study on the real definition of waste to energy and how it relates to renewable energy. Download the full presentation here to get clarity on the matter.


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