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Investment Opportunities 



“Are you looking for renewable energy companies to invest in?”

“Do you want to ‘get in’ with a start-up renewable energy company and help it grow?”

“Are you a venture capitalist in search of new opportunities to help usher in the green economy?”




If you answered yes to any of the above questions,

then you have come to the right place!



In our gatherings and networks, we often hear of investment opportunities. Below is a list of current investment opportunities.


1. Algaepreneur Program – various (biomass energy)

2. Wave Energy Project (coming soon)

3. Pulsar Energy (coming soon)


Plus, if you would like to participate in a renewable energy investment club, please drop us a note via email.




Inhabitat.com has a nice, succinct ‘how-to’ article for converting your investments into a green portfolio. It is never too late to support renewable energy and clean tech companies! It is also part of and a responsible way to steward the Earth.


We continuously track Mr. Warren Buffet’s investment moves. On July 2014, Mr. Buffett committed a whopping USD $30 billion to renewable energy companies. A year later in 2015, Mr. Buffet divested monies from oil companies while their stocks were at historical lows. To pull out of investments at low levels is very telling!


Next, JP Morgan and SunEdison announced a strategic partnership in September 2015 worth an initial USD $300 million to fund renewable energy projects in both operating and construction stages. We see both commitments as confirmation that the paradigm shift has occurred!


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