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Texas is a large state with many natural resources and a strong economic base. Despite these advantages, it is vulnerable (like others) to the effects of climate change. Prolonged periods of severe drought, ever increasing energy prices and natural disasters can and do compromise business and personal objectives. Its sheer size makes it difficult to know the effects at a granular level, but in the aggregate the impact exists.


Fortunately, a new study conducted by Yale University’s School of Forestry & Environmental Studies titled, Climate Change in the Texan Mind, shows a clearer picture. Here are some excerpts. . .

Most Texans (70%) believe global warming is happening.”


“More than eight in ten believe Texas will experience worse storms, hurricanes, or tornadoes (87%), declining numbers of fish and native wildlife (86%), and increased allergies, asthma, infectious diseases, or other health problems (85%) due to global warming.”



This study is a good starting point for understanding the context in which renewable energy is economically and socially beneficial here. We encourage you to download and read the full document, and this NASA video provides a visualization of climate change between 1880 and 2010. The federal government has a dedicated website on the Climate Change Initiative, featuring community preparedness guidelines as well as weather information.

Next, here is an official outlook for renewable energy from the Texas governor’s office and a report showing the City of Houston’s rank within the EPA’s Top 100 Green Power Partners. Up to 50% of the City of Houston’s power is derived from wind energy!

We also want you to be well informed and equipped within the renewable energy field and encourage you to take advantage of the following resources for further in depth discussion, learning and opportunities.

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