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Students Are Our BEST Advocates


Students are our best advocates because they clearly understand the consequences of an over reliance on (limited) fossil fuels when it is explained. Students and the younger generations will soon start facing the reality of these consequences when they assume adult roles and leadership positions.

Some of the ways we stay in touch with students are:

- Holding HREG meetings on university campuses to spark interest, inspire research and encourage participation

- Speaking at area high schools and middle schools

- Participating in topical discussion panels at area universities

- Participating in environmental and/or career fairs

- Providing internship and mentoring opportunities


We have an HREG representative at each area local college / university. Get to know our HREG student directors and feel free to contact them.


UST / science department

We also understand the importance funding plays in a student’s life. For this reason, we are developing two research and development scholarships of $2,000 USD each to further enable promising students to pursue renewable energy studies.

- Undergraduate Scholarship

- Graduate Scholarship


The scholarship can be applied to any type of renewable energy technology and must exhibit enhancing or groundbreaking properties. The scholarships are open to students currently enrolled in an academic program in Houston, but they need not necessarily be a native of Houston. Indeed, it will be very exciting to launch these scholarships, and we always welcome experienced members to assist as mentors.

Stay tuned!



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