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Our members are the backbone of the organization and the reason why we exist. Every member has a vested interest and a voice in what the future can look like with renewable energy. Membership is currently open to everyone, and everyone has the option to choose their level of involvement.

There are various committees that plan and carry out HREG initiatives throughout the year. Committee members meet regularly, as determined by the chair, and as often as necessary to execute tasks and meet their objectives. However, once per quarter, all committee chairs meet in person to provide and review committee updates with the Executive Committee. A space is reserved in 116 Robertson Hall at the University of St. Thomas for this purpose. There is curbside (free) and garage parking ($2 charge) along 3909 Graustark Street for your convenience.

 HREG Committees

-  Communication & Marketing

-  Policy

-  Program  & Event Development

-  Membership & Volunteers

-  Special Interests Groups (SIG)

-  Sponsorship


With a solid (and growing) membership base, we invite everyone join us at this critical juncture in Houston’s history to make renewable energy a viable choice for our communities. To find out how you can get involved, please contact us.


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