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As we meet folks in and around town, we see a growing interest for classes and workshops. We have teamed with industry experts to roll out educational opportunities throughout the year.


Sample workshops include:


- Solar Panel Construction & Installation (monthly – last Friday of each month)

- Energy Efficiency Best Practices

- Maintenance & Safety

- Cost Analysis

- Wind Energy for Small Applications


Our latest addition is the International Training Program for visiting delegates. Always make sure to check out the events calendar!


Partner On-line Courses

Remote learning is now available for students of renewable energy technologies. This is particularly useful for mobile professionals, military personnel, ex-patriots on assignments, or those living in rural communities.


National Algae Association (NAA)

This online Algae Production Certification Course encompasses the major components needed to introduce individuals to the multi-facted concepts of not only strain selection, cultivation, harvesting, and bio-production methods, but also the economic considerations prevalent in the commercial algae production industry.

Applications are accepted throughout the year. Click here for more information and registration.


European Energy Centre (EEC)

The centre’s on-line Distance Learning Academy offers energy courses based on the European Project EMTEU Energy Management system. Courses are taught by leading British university academics and experts within the renewable energy field. The e-learning videos are taken directly from training courses held in UK universities. Upon completing the course and taking the exam successfully, participants receive the internationally recognized Galileo Certificate.

Applications are accepted throughout the year. Click here for more information and registration.


Energy Institute High School

Energy Institute High School is a brand new full Magnet Houston ISD school and the first school in the nation with a school wide theme of energy. Students have the option to focus in one of three pathways: Geosciences, Alternative Energy, and Offshore Technology.

Click here to learn more about the school and to apply.


GHG Management Institute

The institute trains tomorrow’s experts on the principles, concepts and techniques to manage and credibly account for GHG emissions. Their work involves training on the basics of GHG accounting, auditing and management, as well as certifying professionals who meet the highest standards of expertise and ethical conduct and conducting forward-looking research into critical GHG measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) issues.

Applications are accepted throughout the year. Click here for more information and registration.


Houston Community College – Sustainable & Renewable Energy Program

The Sustainable and Renewable Energy program is geared for those looking to acquire additional skills as well as to transition to renewable energy technical fields. Emphasis is placed on the electronic and safety aspects of renewable energy technologies (wind and solar) within the sustainability context.

Click here for more information.


Houston Community College – Wind Energy Technology

The Wind Energy Technology program prepares you for careers as a technician in energy generation from wind industries as well as in wind turbine manufacturing organizations and services. The program emphasizes basic topics and courses that are associated with general concepts of wind energy, principles of electricity and AXC/DC circuits, wind safety, power delivery systems, wind turbine repairs and troubleshooting, electromechanical equipment associated with wind turbine electrical power generation, SCADA and networking processes.

Click here for more information.


Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) 

Developed as part of IREC’s role as the National Administrator of the Solar Instructor Training Network (SITN), PV Online Training instructs users in reliable field inspection practices and endorses efficient permit processes for residential PV installations.

The PV Online Training course covers major topics of concern for field inspection and expedited permitting through seven online training modules. Six learning modules use traditional linear online training approaches presenting content with text, 2D media and video with narration. The seventh module uses a 3D immersive game-based framework.

Upon completion of the course with passing scores on the lesson assignment quizzes, students can apply for Continuing Education Credits from the International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI).

To register for the PV online training course, click here.


Lone Star College – Solar Energy

The Solar Photovoltaic System Electrician Marketable Skills program is designed for professional electricians seeking to enhance their skill set. The course integrates electrical best practices required for approved solar energy system installations and provides hands on experience.

To learn more about this program, click here.


MIAT College of Technology – Wind Power Technician Program

This seven month technical training program on wind energy system maintenance is ideal for those who are ready to transition to the renewable energy field. Texas leads the nation in wind power generation with the greatest number of installations and specialized technicians inspect and service a turbine’s blades on a regular basis to ensure optimal performance.

To learn more about this program, click here.


Northwest Earth Institute (NWEI) 

These peer-based discussion courses give people a framework to talk about their relationship with the planet and to share in discovering new ways to live, work, create and consume. Their discussion courses have been used in the workplace, on college campuses, in centers of faith, and in the community. They are designed to help break big issues into bite-sized pieces. And they help create a personal network of shared stories and support that makes it easy to take action and create change.

It is very easy to start a discussion in your community. Click here to learn how.


SolPower People

Delivers customized tailored business solutions to drive solar adoption one project at a time. Their Solar PV Education & Training Services deliver individual achievement for people who want to leverage past experience into a new career in the PV industry, or want to add PV systems design and installation services to an existing trade or related service business.

For more information, click here.


Global Energy Management Program

The University of Colorado Denver Global Energy Management (GEM) program is the first that offers an open, online course on energy topics. The Fundamentals of Global Energy Business course provides an introduction to the business of primary energy production. The class examines the nature of supply and demand in global energy markets and business considerations for participants in those markets. The survey-style class requires research on current energy trends.


The course is offered free of charge through Coursera. To learn about the next enrollment session and for more information, click here.





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