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Sponsorship Benefits

Our sponsors get a lot in return for their investment!

Becoming an HREG Sponsor provides an unparalleled opportunity to showcase and demonstrate your role and commitment to the expanding Houston renewable energy arena. As a HREG Sponsor your company will receive high profile brand exposure. You will be recognized throughout the area for your leadership in growing and supporting renewable energy and expand your corporate reach by directly accessing entrepreneurs, professionals, investors and other stakeholders, locally, nationally and internationally.


HREG initiatives are executed and visible at many levels within Houston’s diverse communities: on the street, at community festivals, at schools, at industry panel discussions, at official city functions, at trade shows, on our website and virtual community.


As the nation’s energy capital of world, we get many “visitors” to our website looking for business connections and synergies. They start here, and (trust us) they happen! And, with a track record since 1999, we have a prominent, influential voice in Houston that reaches far (and deep) within the business community. There is no reason to navigate alone.



- Corporate Sponsorships
- SIG (Special Interest Group) Sponsorships
- In-Kind Sponsorships


Become a sponsor, and let us help you with your business and branding goals. Together, we all benefit from the new economy that is being ushered by the renewable energy industry!


HREG is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. Your sponsorship may be considered a tax-deductible donation. Please consult your tax advisor for more information. For full details on sponsorship levels and benefits, download the HREG Sponsorship Agreement now.


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