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Since 1999, the Houston Renewable Energy Group (HREG) promotes renewable energy solutions, supports renewable energy businesses, and educates residents in the Houston metro area on renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency, conservation and green building techniques and innovations. The group also serves as the local chapter of the Texas Solar Energy Society (TXSES).


HREG’s members, who are primarily renewable energy enthusiasts, engineers, architects, specialists, system designers and users, work diligently to demonstrate a viable approach to sensible energy conservation and generation and cleaner air. We represent a bold vision for a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable world that will not only benefit Houstonians but the global community as well.

A variety of events and initiatives are organized annually around the following topics:


Combined Heat Power

Energy Efficiency

Environmental Conservation 


Geothermal Energy

Hydropower / Hydro & Fuel Cells

Ocean Energy

Solar Energy

Wind Energy

HREG engages individuals interested in playing an active role in building a sustainable community and sharing their knowledge about renewable energy with others. Some of our current HREG members, RE enthusiasts, engineers, architects, specialists, and users have been part of renewable energy interest groups throughout the 1980′s and 90′s. Many are professionals, entrepreneurs, investors and researchers who make connections, learn information relevant to business and influence public buying patterns about renewable energy.


Together we. . .

- Create the collective voice for business owners in the renewable energy  market

- Provide resources to help consumers make informed choices on renewable energy solutions

- Develop and promote educational, informative and interactive workshops

- Provide a platform for large players to engage with end-use consumers

- Present opportunities for those interested in advancing HREG’s mission on a voluntary basis.


HREG is a non-profit volunteer member organization and local chapter of the Texas Solar Energy Society which is a 501(c)(3) organization.




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