HREG Monthly Business Meeting – One Year of Solar

  • rcornick85
  • Tuesday, April 18, 2017
  • Carnegie Neighborhood Library and Center for Learning
Business Graphs and Charts

During this month’s HREG meeting, Andreas Matzakos will be presenting the Mission Moment. He will share his story of purchasing and installing solar on his home. He will touch on some frequently asked questions about installing solar from a homeowner’s perspective. He will show his energy consumption and solar generation for a year and the costs of installation versus the benefits of a reduced electricity bill.

Following the Mission Moment, we will review recent accomplishments and upcoming tasks and events. Meeting on a regular basis helps us stay connected and flexible to accommodate the greater Houston community’s needs.

After the 1 hour formal meeting, attendees tend to stick around afterward to catch up with one another and discuss new renewable energy initiatives and events happening in Houston.

TIME:                6:30 PM CDT 

DURATION:    1.0 hours

LOCATION:      Carnegie Neighborhood Library at 1050 Quitman Houston, Texas 77009

Thank you!