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Solar Energy System Workshop

This workshop addresses all issues related to installation and operation. Ideal for those with a technical

03/27/2015 - 02:00 pm 205 Roberts St

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Houston. . . ARE YOU READY?

Really. Are you ready? We ask because we need to know if you are serious about change.

We certainly are.

And we mean business, because renewable energy is good business.

Warren Buffett sent a signal

with his $30 Billion investment.

We are creating change. . .now.


If you dare to be the change you seek, then step it up, show up. Let us see what you mean . . .in this town called the "energy capital" of the world.

Let us not tip toe through this moment in time. On the contrary. . .this is a strategic position. And together, we show all the DCs of the world OUR demand for renewable energy.


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Tee Shirt Campaign

We just launched a Tee Shirt Campaign that expresses our love for renewable energy in Houston. It's clean, minimalist and beautiful. . .

Our campaign lasts through February 26, so reserve your tee shirt today!